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sxsw: artist danny malone

Viewpoint of a Photographer

This time around, I was a band photographer for a day. I didn't attend a lot of shows -- I barely even walked five miles. I drank way too much coffee and only had one proper meal -- at 4 o'clock in the morning.


Here is a look into my day along side Danny Malone and his band. 


SXSW, for local artists (or at least for Danny), consists of resting, being social and rehearsal. Rehearsals last for a good two hours or so.


Moving around a crowded room and coming up with new and exciting shots was challenging and yet one of the best parts of the whole day.


Stay Gold

Our first show was at the Sound Dessert - Stay Gold Showcase. Stay Gold is a favorite bar of mine on non-SXSW days. This is a beautiful venue with a gold velvet curtain background, and a small stage. It is homey and well worn-in.


We ended our adventure by driving downtown in the middle of all the SXSW chaos, where Danny was playing an official SXSW show! The boys played a wonderful show but the low-lighting of the venue made it difficult to get good picture - it was challenging but I walked away with some great shots

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