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festival: rang barse holi rain dance

Viewpoint of a Photographer

Holi, known as the Festival of Colors, has always been an event I wanted to cover. I recently had the chance to be the sponser photographer at an Austin-based Rang Bare Holi Festival this year. 

Joy and Laughter

The one thing I noticed that everyone had in common was a smile and laughter. I even got powder thrown at me, camera in hand (don't worry, I wrapped it in saran wrap and duct tape). 

The entertainment

A professional Bollywood dancer and a DJ provided some great musical entertainment at the the festival. There were also a lot of amazing food vendors - one of them had my favorite: chai! And good thing, too, because after an awesome fish taco that turned out to be a little too spicy, the chai helps soothe my taste buds!

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